Today I’m Me

naujas1.pngI must admit I’m huge fan of beautiful shoes and handbags. It take me ages to find suitable. It has to be different and definitely NOT black. I recently discovered new brand called TODAY I’M ME and fell in love with their handbags. They gladly sent me one to try to and I absolutely love the bag.

So, we are talking here about shoulder bag made from leather look ‘PU’ with silver hardware, magnetic closer and decorative enamel button. Adjustable shoulder strap and exterior zipped pocket on the back and fully lined with two interior pockets. What I like most about this bag that it is fun, different but also safe because of magnetic closer. TODAY I’M ME bag looks great with every style you will choose to wear. I will be wearing it at upcoming London Fashion Week events and all the other cool events I will be attending.

Every bag represents different personality.

Colour Me Red. The colour of fire, red symbolizes danger, adventure and passion. If red is your favorite colour then life needs to be lived, you are a thrill seeker, courageous and confident and you don’t take no for an answer. That’s definitely ME!

Monochrome Me. Timeless combination with unique twist. Make a statement with this classic combination of black and white and be sure to stand out from the crowd.

Colour Me Candy. Sugar and spice and all the things nice that’s what little girls are made of’. Neon pink combined with monochrome is sugar and spice with an edge. Fun and flirty yes, sweet and sugary definitely not.

Colour Me Blue. The colour of the sea and the sky, blue symbolises harmony and peace. Creative and expressive, charming and kind, if blue is your favorite colour then you are likely  to be a deep, peaceful, compassionate person.

More personalities you can find on the website as well as different choices of the bags. Check:
Don’t forget to like their Facebook page for exclusive offers.


Photos from Today I’m Me team.


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