One’s To Watch in 2014: Music

music_image001finalNew years already started and I hope you enjoy it. I’m building new website and will show you already. But now I would like to share my most favorite songs I’ve got chance to listen and obviously musicians and bands I will be watching in 2014.

ELSIE. Last year she impressed me with her single “The Assassin (Bang Bang)”. This year Elsie surprised me with few even more great songs. The best one was “Seasons”. I still can’t stop listening it…

THE DEAD FAMOUS.I discovered the band by accident on one MTV show and immediately decided to check the song. Like my friend says songs of The Dead Famous are simply uplifting. I can’t agree more…

SUFFICE.Every gig of this band is different and very addictive… According to my friends they had the best night in ages at SUFFICE‘S last gig. I must admit I can not decide which song I like most from their present album and I know that I have one favorite song from their upcoming album. They did not recorded yet but they played it in their last gig 🙂

LOREEN. Most of the people say that it’s not possible to be noticed at Eurovision song contest. LOREEN proved them wrong and released amazing album.

THE SCRIPT. Great band, great songs. And… I’m a fan of Danny’s Irish accent 😉

ETTA BOND It’s simply pleasure to listen this singer. Not to mention she is nominee of the Mobo awards…

VINCE KIDD. I’ve got chance to see him performing acoustically and instantly became a fan.

CHLOE HOWL. Hot sound of 2014. You will see…

SKY FERREIRA. According to Elle she is new style icon. I discover her as an interesting and different artist last summer when my friend suggested me to attend Sky’s gig at London Scala.

FAKE CLUB.Thanks to Company Magazine for helping me to discover this awesome band. GIRL POWER!!!

CORTES. Their drummer is one of two best drummers in London I know. And if you like to relax and have a good time, you should attend CORTES‘s gig.

ALONESTAR. I’m huge fan of Alonestar since I saw him first time on stage in 2012. Skyla Rain is an amazing and sincere song…


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