Music Monday: Playlist By Universal Music in Association With Music Week

575726_649390901748040_1803278506_nLast week I was honoured to attend ‘The Young Guns Network’ networking event at Universal Music Office. ‘The Young Guns Network’ is a free networking group and monthly event for young people aged 18-25 who are working, interning or running their own business in music. It was amazing event focused on the topic ‘A&R’. Two very successful A&R managers Jai Francois (Warner/Chappell) and Ben Scarr (Island Records) was talking about their jobs and experiences.
At the event people from Universal Music kindly shared brochures with advice how to get job in music umusic-logoindustry and especially Universal Music. At the brochure I found Track listing by Universal Music in association with Music Week and would like to share with you.

Star Me Up, 1981
Written by: Jagger/Richards
Performed by: The Rolling Stones

Patience, 2006
Written by: Shanks/Barlow/Donald/Owen
Performed by: Take That

Help, 1965
Written by: Lennon/McCartney
Performed by: The Beatles

Steppin’ Stone, 1966
Written by: Boyce/Hart
Performed by: The Sex Pistols

I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself, 1964
Written by: Bacharach/David
Performed by: Dusty Springfield

Anything Could Happen, 2012
Written by: Goulding/Eliot
Performed by: Ellie Goulding


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