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Get The Guy

I must admit I never planned to write about relationships or dating in my blog but….

The night when I celebrated my birthday we’ve chatted with my girls about guys and relationships (it was girls night). One of my friends suggested the book which changed her friend’s life and helped her to find a boyfriend. I tried to read it but soon got bored because it was full of “Don’t call him first”, “Don’t look his way first”, “Don’t like his posts on Facebook” and other similar things which for me doesn’t make any sense. I must admit I’ve got to be sceptical about those books.

Few weeks later I found an invitation to attend a seminar “Get The Guy”. Still being sceptical I ignored an invitation. But I guess

destiny has its plan and I did run into Matthew Hussey by accident at one coffee shop. I meet a lot of celebrities and usually don’t behave like that but it was first time when I actually was staring into him trying to remember where I know him from. He obviously saw me staring and asked what’s bothering me and introduced himself. I checked his videos and signed up for a seminar.

My conclusion about seminar? Well, if you want to get a guy or change your life this seminar is for you. In his program Matthew teach not just the tricks how to get a guy but also explains them in deeper ways (logic and emotions) and gives a reasons why it will work or not. And not just that. Did you know that YOU can actually make a move even if it looks like you don’t make a move:

Did you ever think what kind of guy you would like to date, what are his qualities? It’s actually important.

You can find more interesting videos from Matthew Hussey on YouTube but I would like to show you one more video I like most from all Matthew videos and it’s not even about a dating.

Seminar and videos gave me a lot to think of about how I want to change my life and what I want to achieve. I think I’m ready to get a guy.



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