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Niten Thakor: Marketing Director for So Vain Books

I realized how blessed I’m having opportunity to meet a lot of amazing inspiring people. I decided to introduce some of them and what they’re passionate about.

1098452_10201992481433364_39004195_nI’ve met Niten at one of the fashion events I attended. He works as a freelance writer in several publications (the Copywriter for XXY Magazine, Fashion Desk Contributor for The Upcoming Magazine) as well as Marketing Director for So Vain Books. “One of my favourite parts about working in publishing are the events, even though I usually have to do write-ups on them, interview the designers and be on my best behaviour- it’s always a lot of fun!” – says Niten and introduce us the independent publishing house “So Vain Books”:

So Vain Books is an independent publishing house bringing an exciting, glamorous dream world to reality for all stylish and sassy young women. So Vain Books will be publishing Fashion, Beauty and DIY books written by well-known fashion/ beauty bloggers and youtubers as well as glamorous novels written by first time authors.

As well as hosting fabulous V.I.P red-carpet Book Launch Events where fans will be able to meet the bloggers/authors, SVB will also1394794_681519271866610_781334498_n be able to promote the books through their website and the bloggers websites in order to create a buzz and excitement around these fabulous books.

Back So Vain Books Today!

Make this publishing house a reality by supporting So Vain Books on Indiegogo for your chance to win some glamorous prizes, signed copies and the chance to attend a red carpet event.

You can find So Vain Books on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @SoVainBooks;

Niten Thakor recommends songs for your player:

The XX – Blood Red Moon –  ttp://

Fedde Le Grand – No Good-

Purity Ring – Fineshrine-


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