Music Monday: Doug Panton

Doug-PantonIt’s my pleasure to introduce to you an amazing young singer/songwriter Doug Panton from Essex. 19 years old Doug’s self-titled debut EP, which was released worldwide early in June through major digital distributors such as iTunes reached number 5 in ITunes chart. The 5-track EP serves as quite wonderful introduction to Doug Panton and his music. It encompasses well his personal style and influence, his musical strengths, as well as a little of what else he is capable of.

Doug Paton’s music is enjoyable, and entertaining. I love how the chorus builds a beautiful melody at the first song Young. The combination of clapping and atmospheric vocals is really catchy and it feels like you wanna dance. The melody theme continues through in Scared Of Losing You, where the combination of piano and acoustic guitar really shine through giving a more organic style to Doug’s vocals. In my opinion All Or Nothing is the best song on EP and my favorite song. It’s very catchy with easily recalled lyrics, makes me sing. This song beautifully showcases Doug’s musical talent. Eyes Open does well with both the use of acoustics strings and guitar but compared to the other tracks it didn’t seem too fit with Doug’s vocals.The EP closes out with Agree To Disagree with its nostalgic and thought-provoking melody as he sings about acceptance and compromise. It’s the perfect way to end an EP that proves to be exceptionally great company together with your thoughts. Overall The ‘Doug Paton EP’ is a charming, somewhat simple, but ultimately rewarding EP release, featuring gentle and enjoyable instrumentals combined with Doug Paton’s beautiful performing style.

The EP is available online. Enjoy this short teaser video to sample the EP for yourself, a try before you buy if you like. I will definitely be following Doug’s musical journey and looking forward to attend one of his live gigs.


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