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This Is Wired

IMG_20131014_204628Last night I enjoyed ‘This Is Wired’ music night and it was perfect beginning of the week. There was beautiful music, delicious wine and great people… ‘This Is Wired’ is probably the best music night I ever attended and perfect night for the artists to perform and to show their talent…

So why ‘This Is Wired’ is event NOT TO MISS…?

Perfect music. Every time Kate Bond and Michael Duke with their team choose extremely talented and original musicians both signed and unsigned from different genres who bring not just good music but also perfect atmosphere to the event.20131014_204817

People. I have met many amazing people at the night including founders of the event Kate and Michael. They were very warm and welcoming. Artists and many guests wore original and fashionable clothes. Kate Bond was one of the best examples (I just loved her outfit and meant to ask where she both it but unfortunately forgot ). Dear fellow fashion bloggers, if you’re looking for original street wears to feature on your blogs, look no further!!!!  During performances I’ve seen very beautiful conversation between audience and artists. People not just listened but also very lively answered to every single song and also sang together with artists. It seems they were very supportive and engaged.

Check below what kind of amazing artists you missed…

Miss Baby Sol

Rocky Nti


Phoenix Martins


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