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New Campaign Of Swarovski

20130715_Swski_01-179_v4B_CROP_smallThe crystal house Swarovski, whose finely crafted jewelry and accessories collections are adored by millions of customers around the world, has chosen Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr to embody the Swarovski woman for its latest advertising campaign. Shot by award-winning British photographer Nick Knight under the creative direction of Ronnie Cooke Newhouse of House and Holme, the campaign will break in Fall 2013 as part of a global media drive. The images feature a radiant Miranda Kerr wearing a selection of Swarovski’s most loved products for daytime and evening wear. Her natural beauty is illuminated by the jewelry pieces and complemented by still lives of lush garden roses which were cut in the English countryside. The global campaign includes a TV commercial to be shown in Italy, France and Hong Kong which features a soundtrack composed and performed especially by singer, songwriter and producer Pharrell Williams.

In meantime Swarovski integrated social media, music, and other fashion elements to embark on the innovative “Swarovski 2013 Music Journey” and launched a completely interactive campaign in Asia. Pop diva Jolin Tsai presented the theme song “Journey”.
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