La Catrin

I was planning to present singers and bands just on Mondays but it happened that I don’t really have always time on Monday and recently I discovered quite a lot of new great singers. I can’t wait to tell you about all of them. I must admit Twitter is very helpful tool for discoveries. I will tell you soon about incredible singer/songwriter. Shame on me as I promised to him and myself to do that couple weeks ago but I was not able because some accidents.

Today I’d like to tell you about my recent discovery from the Houston, Texas – La Catrin. She is brilliant indie pop singer/songwriter with an emotional gothic tinged sound.
I like La Catrin’s perfectly matched image, sound and even name which is a playful twist on the mythical El Catrin character in Mexican literary heritage. El Catrin is a 1930s dandy, and by swapping in the feminine “La” gender designator, she is referencing the feminine/masculine energy balance in her music. It’s a dynamic within her that she came to profoundly understand when she worked at the gentleman’s club and would observe the interaction between exotic dancers and their clientele. I absolutely agree with Houston Press: “The theatricality of Lady Gaga, the poise of David Bowie, the gaiety of a Simpson and the unashamed living pain of Wendy O. Williams are all part of the process that unfolded when she performed. Personally, it felt like it was all for us.”

I would love to see her performing live. Until then my personal player is occupied by La Catrin. She is definitely the singer to watch and to listen!



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