Dear Diary

I Lost My Way…

Couple weeks ago I found a quote:


Well… I admit, I’m the one who should sit for an hour. Two three years ago I was lively, vibrant.  The kind of girl who dreamed big and was determined to make it happen, no matter what. I believed without exception I can do it and wasn’t afraid to try, even when I haven’t got a clue!  I saw solutions for every problem straight away and was ready to take any kind of challenge, and that challenges were meant to be won. I was in a fantastic place. I was enjoying life – I was about to fall in love, I was happy.

And then I lost my way… My beloved blog started to become as hard work and I barely enjoyed writing it. My projects did not go well and no matter how hard I tried to fix it. I took some advice from the people who thought they knew better how I should live than I did… In the end I did not enjoy my life. I did not sleep well…

Then I went to visit my family and to spend my holidays in Lithuania. Suddenly I found myself in very quiet peaceful and charming place where it seems even time goes slower… Finally I found the time to walk in the forest and meditate. I’ve got a chance to review my past seven years in London. I had good night sleep. I also had chat with few people and  my family (especially my brother) became my biggest inspiration to set up new goals and change some directions of my life.

If you feel like I did, maybe you’re living in the comfort zone and you need to change some things in your life. What I do?

  • Change the location. I must tell my holidays in Paris and in Lithuania was amazing. I had good rest, new inspiration and impressions. When I moved to London, I used to take any bus and explore London during my days off. It helped me to find new job. At the time I’m looking for new place to live. It’s another way to change the location.
  • Take a risk. Couple months ago I’ve read the article about stressful life and their advice was “take a risk”. When I think about my years in London, taking risk was always positive think. I came to London without speaking English. Later I started to study MA. Starting blog also was some kind of risk knowing that my English at the time was still poor. All the risk helped to change myself as a persona and my life. Because of taking the risk I have met a lot of amazing people. I must admit I did not take the risk for a while and feel like my life became bit dull.
  • When you thinking about your goals, think S.M.A.R.T. – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely. I know a lot of people dream big and that is good. But when you try to achieve really big goal in short time and it doesn’t happen you certainly can lose motivation and it can lead to depression. Then it will be even harder. Try with small steps and you will see how life will change.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail. I’m always was the person who wanted perfection in every situation. My grades were perfect. At school I was successful in music and acting. I always received a lot of attention. In the same time I was shy and barely left my room. I’ve read a lot of books and studied hard. Now I realise I was sitting in my comfort zone and afraid to fail. When I came to England I made myself work hard on my shyness and fears because I realised I will have to go back to the same dull life. And I did it.
  • Plan, plan, plan. I started to do lists what I have to do to achieve my goals. It feels so much better when I see what I achieved already and gives more motivation and encouragement go further with goals and to believe in success.
  • When the things come to your blog, you decide the topics and be original. When I started to check other successful bloggers and to write something similar what they wrote I started to lose some of my readers. Before somebody described my blog as the place where you can find answers about music and fashion you were looking for but did not know who to ask. I’m aiming to get back to that kind of blog. Another encouragement for me to review my blog was the fact I found out that my blog was ranked and worth some money itself.
  • Rethink the events you’re attending. Are they actually helpful to your goals and blog? I’ve read a lot of articles how important is networking and that I have to network everywhere I can. To be honest, I was attending events like crazy and later realized I don’t have time for other activities or proper sleep. Suddenly events was not useful for me at all. Now my main goal is to create strong network. I choose carefully what kind of events I’m attending.

I commit to keep up with my own advice to succeed and to be responsible for my charisma. I want to live my live and be responsible for it because it’s MY LIFE. I want to be HAPPY!!!!

Have a wonderful the rest of the week!


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