Press Day: MyFlashTrash.Com

I must admit there are so many different jewellery designers, stores, companies, boutiques etc. that is difficult to choose. To be honest I barely buy jewelries even is I like them very much. But I have them  A LOT! Most of them come from my parents as gifts. They have amazing taste for jewelries (especially my dad). Some of them comes from friends as a presents or in goodie bags. But when one of my friends recommended to check MyFlashTrash website my opinion about buying jewelries certainly changed. The reason? MyFlashTrash jewelries are very original and different. Most important they are not overpriced, so everyone can buy and enjoy them.
I’m lucky I’ve got chance to attend MyFlashTrash press day and to check newest collection. It’s simply amazing and original. I posted yesterday couple pictures on facebook and received some comments from friends with questions where they can buy those beautiful pieces. So ladies and gentlemen, please check below what they’ve got and start planning your jewellery shopping :). New collection will be soon…

Speaking about MyFlashTrash I couldn’t mention founder of the company Amber Atherton. With her determination and hard work she is definitely perfect modern socialite and role model for all young girls who dream about career in fashion and technology.




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