Pepper And Mayne At Grace

21To be honest I never been huge fan of fitness and I found gyms boring but beautiful Tuesday morning and invitation to attend presentation of new incorporated weekend and soft sport wear brand Pepper And Mayne at Grace Club inspired me to think about starting sport activities again. Grace Belgravia is London’s only private members Club for cultured and caring women where, in one light filled airy space they can find all the services they need from fitness and spa to beauty and nutrition to prevent and care. Most important all delivered in a calm and nurturing environment, surrounded by like-minded people.  Pepper And Mayne is laid back ‘pull on and go’ attitude brand off-set by a chic feminine sensibility and is just simply perfect to wear in this kind of environment. Angular neck lines are balanced out by diaphanous, flowing skirts and silk, tactile trims. Over-sized T-shirts in mercerized modal and cropped slouchy cotton pants make for easy layering whilst asymmetric cuts and color blocking give the collection a modern feel.



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