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Love Affair Between Music & Fashion With Bon Jovi

The love affair between music and fashion is a long-standing one, with brands often turning to artists for increased validation, and even contributing to the rise of an artist’s career. Recent years have seen the relationship progress, with labels moving above and beyond the catwalk to work with musicians in an increasingly involved way. The relationship between the two worlds often seems to produce mutually beneficial results, and as brands look for ways to engage consumers and cement their credibility, there’s no sign of the love affair waning any time soon.

It seems Bon Jovi is not an exception. Today was announced that Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres will be

launching kidswear label. And there is (no) surprise – the launch coincides with the band’s headline shows in Glasgow and Hyde Park, on July 3 and 5, respectively. Label called Rock Star Baby includes a range of children’s clothing, accessories and even furniture. Tico Torres has collaborated with shoe manufacturer

Birkenstock to create signature pieces of monochrome, jewelled colours and lectric and metallic tones.

I’m looking forward to check the label and to buy a present for my friend’s baby but now I’m sharing with you my most favorite song of truly awesome rock band Bon Jovi. Have a nice day, beautiful people!


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