Couture Fair Launch Party

On Friday I’ve got chance to attend Couture Fair launch party and to check few creative designers who presented their designs for industry and press: Viktoria Naumenko, Maira Jimena, Kristjan Eyjolfsson, Angelika Chilikova, Alena Lantukh, Nicola Crawford, Laboni Saha, Marie Crochet, Sheena Bulsara, Honey Malaolu, Natasha Moorhouse, Robert Gray, Geraldine Peclard, Nina van Houten, Anes Kim and Delia Fiori. Couture Fair was open for public on Saturday and Sunday.
I must admit it would be hard to tell which collection I liked most because all of them were so different. I was impressed very much with jewellery designs as well as Viktoria Naumenko’s from Estonia collection which reminded me a bit of style of Victoria Beckham and I adore her personal style and collections very much.




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