Futuristic Design Concept YrStore Launches in Carnaby

big_thumb3What a wonderful day was today… To be honest I was bit scared as I found in Company magazine fashion recommendations for Winter with the title “Summer Is The New Winter”. Thanks God, real summery weather is already here and it totally inspires me for little creativity.
Today I was browsing at Twitter and I found that new futuristic concept YrStore launches in Carnaby for exactly one month (until 7th of July). And it brings a lot of spaces for your inspiration.

You can create your own exclusive t-shirt in store using various interactive touch-pods to create patterns, upload images and create your t-shirt design live on-screen. Your T-shirt will then be printed right in front of your eyes at the print bar. A variety of American Apparel t-shirts and vests are available for both men and women.

There is a large interactive digital art wall, where you can create art using a digital spray can. This exciting technology means you can create art using freehand design, or select one of the pre-designed stamps or stencils to build up your image. You can also upload a photo or design via email, so you could choose a photo and customise it in store to create your t-shirt design.

I must admit one of the most interesting and exciting features of YrStore is the interactive YrMirror virtual changing room. The world’s first live digital mirror, you can try on your t-shirt design before it’s even printed!

On top of all of this amazing technology there will be some great artist collaborations and pre-printed T-shirts to buy.

I’m definitely going to try this. How about you?

YrStore  – G3 G4 Kingly Court, W1B 5PW
Open 7 June – 7 July


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