Modern Alice In Wonderland

To be honest when I visited yesterday designer Liz Black to check her new collection I didn’t know what to expect. I must disgracefully admit it was a new name to me in fashion industry although Liz Black brand was created in 2010 and designer already presented her creation at London Fashion Week. Now it is designer TO FOLLOW. I can’t wait to see what she will create next. But first about Liz Black’s latest collection…
Inspiration of new Liz Black’s collection is Alice in Wonderland. Designer used exaggerated structure and shape in her collection and  turned main characters into microcosm of structure elegance highlighting  their burgeoning natures and characteristics and bending the rules of the temporal world in a chic and a wearable approach. I love the fact that Liz Black is all about wearable statement pieces. I could see this collection in the office, the boardroom, at cocktail hour or at dinner.

Let me show you first the main characters from the collection.

Queen Of Hearts. When I saw this dress, first mind was that Lady Gaga could wear it. Later I found out that Lady Gaga actually worn one of Liz Black’s dresses –  white and black neoprene Circle Bow Dress from her début Fall 2011 Concentric Thoughts collection.

Queen Of Hearts

What a creative and clever creation….!!! When you look at this dress you instantly can imagine famous rabbit.


And how you can forget Mad Hatter?

Mad Hatter


And how about accessories. Check this out:


As you can see thematic elements are both pronounced and distorted from underlying motif of Alice in Wonderland from Liz’s own perspective, with a combination of block colours and luxurious fabrics creating sleek silhouettes and unexpected forms.

Injections of signature abstract prints really transport one’s mind into the eclectic nature of Alice’s ever-changing environment. Alice’s natural innocence and vulnerability is reflected in the use of silk chiffon and soft suede, which encapsulates the sense of bold and daring femininity associated with the Liz Black woman.

Wonderland in not just place anymore! Now it is an awaited lifestyle for Modern Alice!



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