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8 Ways To Think Like An Entrepreneur By Ryan Lock

headshot-ryan-614x318I’m glad to introduce you my first guest blogger Ryan Lock who kindly decided to share his thoughts with you about 8 ways to think like an entrepreneur. Ryan believes that the way you think affects everything that you do, so it’s essential to make sure that your beliefs are working for you. I absolutely agree with his thoughts.
Ryan is the founder of Being Your Own Publicist, a program for entrepreneurs who want to raise their profile and build their personal brand, for your free PR strategies please go

Whether you are just starting out or are already established in what you do, here are 8 mind-set strategies to get you thinking like an entrepreneur.

Do what you love  

Tony Robbins defines success as “Doing what you want, when you want, with who you want” and I couldn’t agree more. You can earn 6 figures and be miserable or hardly have any income but really love your life. It all comes down to doing what you love. When you follow what makes you happy you are much more likely to be good at it and help people.

Do what you love.

See problems as opportunities

Most people who have an amazing life have had to overcome huge challenges at some point. The difference between them and other people is that they used the problems as opportunities to either learn a lesson, change direction or try something new entirely. Don’t let challenges along the way stop you, just be strategic about it and adjust accordingly.

Be flexible and keep going.


If you want to go to the next level, then you need to make sure that you are constantly upgrading your knowledge and skills. Be someone that other people want to work with. Choose one new skill that can add more value to your customers experience with you (and therefore your pay cheque) and commit to learning something new each month.

Invest in yourself


If you look at the big players in any field, none of them have done it by themselves. Instead of seeing other people and business’s as a threat, see them as a chance to collaborate. There really is more than enough for everyone and you are much stronger when working with other people. Think about ways you can collaboarate with other business’s and reach more people.

Develop a collaborative mentality.

Get help

You can’t be good at everything and you aren’t meant to be. Identify the areas that you need help with and get the best people that you can afford. Why struggle when you don’t have to? There are people out there who are brilliant at what they do and will be a great asset to your business.

Build a great team around you.

Give back

What is the point of success if you can’t share it with other people? Choose a cause that is close to your heart and see how you can help them either with your business or your time. Helping other people puts things into perspective. It makes you feel better and it helps other people-it’s win win!

Choose a cause close to your heart.

Look the part

Don’t wait until you “get there” to start looking the part. Start now! What does success look like for you? Present your best self and watch how things change. It’s amazing what happens when we choose to present ourselves as the person we want to be. Immerse yourself in the things you are working towards, talk like a confident successful person and present your best self.

Dress for who you want to be. 

Let go of limiting beliefs 

The way you think about yourself will affect everything that you do. The best strategies in the world are useless if your thinking is holding you back. Make a conscious decision to over come your limiting beliefs by identifying them and then choosing to tell yourself a different story. “It won’t work for me” becomes “I’m stepping into infinite possibilites and unlimited potential!”

Your mind is the most important think you can invest in

If you’d like to know more about working with  Ryan Lock to grow your business and promote your work, email! Check for programs and products Ryan created to help you.


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