First Date: What To Wear?

Men Shopping for Clothing Accessories

Men Shopping for Clothing Accessories (Photo credit:


Every woman is worrying what to wear at her first date and how to impress the guy. Dating site did survey and discovered that more than half of the men who participated in the survey, admitted that what they appreciate about woman’s appearance most is her clothes.
When it’s come to dressing to impress, men still love to see a women in a tight dress or jeans which emphasise her curves; nearly half of the men polled love this classic look, particularly if they’re paired with high heels. And while designer labels were certainly appreciated (by 43 percent of men), over half of men admitted they wouldn’t actually know their Prada from their Primark. But keeping it simple and casual scored even higher, with 52 percent of fellas going with the natural, unshow-offy look.
Speaking about choosing clothes you could impress the guy you like, I came up with great article and some interesting advises. First think about the type of men you’d like to date and what he wears, how he spends his free time, what does he like. Try to choose your clothes according his lifestyle but in the same time the ones you like. So you’ll impress him but at the same time you’ll feel comfy and beautiful too :).
Most important advises I find everywhere – don’t show too much skin and especially during first date and don’t put too much make-up.
Good luck with your dates, ladies. If you have some more tips, please share in the comments :)!






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