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Networking For Modern Socialite

Hello Beautiful People,

I missed you very much and I’m happy to be back after long illness. I have so much to tell you. But first… Some of my beloved readers asked me some advises about networking and meeting new people.
I used to be very shy girl who was afraid to go out and meet people. But then I came to London. I did not speak English and I did not have friends in London.
Only way was to force myself. So I started to go out every night to various concerts and after I always went to introduce myself to musicians and to get their contacts. Some of them introduced me to their friends and I ended up in great company. This way opened me a lot of different opportunities. I’ve got invitations to concerts of Moby, Jamiroquai, Jessie J also some Fashion Week events.
Conclusion? Don’t be afraid! Just go there and speak to the people. Start with simple hello and smile :). Have business cards even if you just student and don’t have a fancy title. Ask a lot of questions and listen! I almost never drink alcohol when I’m socializing. This one is up to you.

Have a nice day and next post is very sooooooon!!!!



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