The Vogue View: Spring/Summer 2013

Me and Egle Raulickyte at Vogue House

Yesterday I enjoyed afternoon with my friend Egle alongside other fashionistas  at the event “The Vogue View: Spring/Summer 2013” at Vogue House. We were drinking tea and listening presentation from Emily Zak about newest trends for Spring and Summer. I must admit I’m not the biggest trend follower and more often looking to create the great style but some of the trends did catch my attention.
I recently was looking to buy skirt with split and surprise surprise!!! It’s one of the newest trend:). Lengths, styles and silhouettes may vary, but every last one feels sexy, fierce and feminine. Another good new for me – black and white come back to the wardrobes for Spring/Summer season.

Presenter – Emily Zak. Picture from

All kind of lines will be trendy this season as well. And who doesn’t like oriental style? As Diana Wreeland said once: “God was fair to the Japanese. He gave them no oil, no diamonds. He gave them style.” And yet this style is back in fashion. This season’s floral burst into 3D life, taking shape via embellishment and embroidery. I love flowers and especially 3D version but as it doesn’t do anything good for my shape, I will use it for  accessorizing.
To be honest I never understood fashionistas fetish for plastic. It’s probably the trend I will never wear.

What’s your favorite trend this season? What’s the worst?



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