Haunted By Tales Of Flying And Falling

Tales_Of_Flying_And_Falling-300x300Songs just from one album are on repeat on my personal player this week. Newly released “Tales Of Flying And Falling” by incredible Ben Montague is my little big pleasure.
“False Horizon” and “Brakes” are very catchy.  I absolutely like “Already Leaving”, it’s the song I was looking forward most to add to my player. New version of “Haunted” – simply amazing…. Absolutely love addition of drums to the song. Dramatic bridge gives to “Haunted” very special twist. I’ve heard it first time last summer at Ben’s London gig at O2 Islington and was impressed.  “Still Young” seems like perfect soundtrack for romantic movie. Boys gone crazy with tensity of “Sweet Amelia” (talking about musicians). But it works so well with soft velvety Ben’s voice. Drums part in this song is such a perfection. You’ll also find fans favorite songs already in “Tales Of Flying And Falling” – “Love Like Stars”, “Deep End”, “Another Hard Fall”, “Liberty Road”.

Long story short – it’s the album MUST HAVE in your personal player and Ben Montague is definitely star to follow. Well… I knew that already when I’ve met him very first time three years ago 🙂 (check my posts!!!).


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