Profile: Bella Freud

Hey beautiful people,

Me with Bella FreudI hope you had an amazing week. It’s Sunday night and I’m spending it watching movies, created by amazing Bella Freud. She is not just movie creator but also outstanding designer who worked with legendary Vivienne Westwood, was guest editor of the document section of Another Magazine volume 8. Bella Freud regularly contributes journalism to Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and PonyStep and also produced a weekly beauty column for the Sunday Telegraph’s Stella Magazine.

In 2006 Bella worked also as head designer at Biba, she was creating the clothes for the much heralded relaunch of that legendary British label. Bella Freud’s ‘Ginsberg is God’ sweater has become a collectors item. Fans of Bella’s knitwear include Liberty Ross, Laura Bailey, Kate Moss and Fearne Cotton.

Amazing Bella’s movies below. Which one do you like most?

Whole Bella’s biography and movie credits at




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