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Girls Aloud Are Back!!!

Girls Aloud in the music video for "Whole...

Girls Aloud in the music video for “Whole Lotta History”. From left to right: Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle, Nicola Roberts, Sarah Harding & Kimberley Walsh. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Girls Aloud are back with quit few news. Today in press conference they announced about reunion tour. Jewellery brand Pandora has been announced as the tour’s official sponsors, and each of the girls have created a very special charm bracelet. Girls Aloud fans can purchase them. Price is starting from £279 for Sarah Harding’s design and stretch to £1,100 for Kimberley’s trinket. There are also ‘beginner bracelets’, which allow everyone to buy into the concept in a more affordable manner. Bracelets price start at £99 and have the clips and some of the charms chosen by each band member, and encourage customers to ‘build’ up to the full bracelet over time.

Girls wears bracelets in their very new video “Something New”:

As the headline sponsor of the tour, PANDORA is delighted to offer all PANDORA Club members a unique opportunity to win two tickets to Girls Aloud concert and meet the girls themselves plus to win bracelet. If you wanna try your luck press below for more information:

Good luck, lovelies :)! It’s good to come back :)!





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