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Yesterday London based Lithuanian demi-couture label MIMI.C presented its Spring/Summer ’13 collection at the celebrity famous Rose Club in Mayfair. During this invitation only event, label’s award-winning Founder and Creative Designer Milda Cergelyte sent her latest, hand embroidered haute couture masterpieces for day, evening and formal wear down the catwalk decorated with sporadicly spread rose petals and cool, illuminating blue lights. The show was attended by over 100 special guests, media representatives and fashionistas.

Inspired by the seemingly contradictory aspects of beauty and terror, this time Milda has paid her attention to the charm of the tattoos used by the most infamous Japanese mafia – Yakuza.  The ornate and sparkling symbols represent power, darkness, threat, warning and danger.

Combined with soft pastel colours, 100% hand embroidery, the S/S ’13 collection creates soft beauty inspired by horror. A Queen of the Mafia world, who easily can be sensitive, romantic and violent. Or…

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