First Part

Ode to Sparkle by R. Shay Miles™ presents Faith Garcia in her role as the gorgeous lead singer in ‘Ode to Sparkle’.  Based on the deliciousness of the striking silhouettes, femme fatale makeup, hip-swiveling and shoulder-shimmying performances from the 1976 film “Sparkle”,™ by R. Shay Miles has designed a tribute collection to pay homage to the great glamour goddesses of the cinematic classic.

Setting the scene of a late-1950s in Vallejo, Calif. at the historical landmark, Empress Theatre, the editorial tribute captures a hybrid look of the film’s characters Sparkle and Sister, two members of a Supremes-esque local girl group; while also giving special recognition to the late Whitney Houston and her upcoming movie remake, “Sparkle” (2012). One of the men responsible for making sure the period piece felt genuine is Johnny “Shotgun” Stokes, who paid intimate attention to the overall concept and wardrobe, and provided a 1937 Buick Oldsmobile from his showroom to make the scene feel authentic. “After this tribute was conceived in December 2011, I obsessed over the details from the 1976 cult classic and challenged myself to design 21st century renderings, in support of the 2012 remake”, said R. Shay Miles.
The ‘Ode to Sparkle’ Collection is a quintessential experience that revisits the rules from the fashion time capsule when ‘ladies and gentlemen’ would step out in their finest attire and it reinforces the sultry, regal, and sophistication which is the innate nature of every woman.


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