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Charity Event For Masons Magic

Last week I attended Mason’s Magic charity event. Mason is small boy and was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour in April 2010 he has endured chemotheraphy and lots of operations and procedures over the last 20 months. Finally after months of treatment the tumour has stopped growing and is showing signs of shrinking. Since his diagnosis he has met a lot of other children going through the same thing as he is, he has decided he wants to make these children smile and stay as positive as he has, and so Masons Magic is born.
Masons Magic is an affilliation of Brain Tumour UK,, Mason, his family and friends will make as much money as they can so that Mason and his mum Shelley can visit other local children with brain tumours and take them treats and gifts to put a smile on their faces too. Mason wants to get his motto across, THINK POSITIVE, just like he has.

The event was organized by UK3Lions team and took place at famous Mahiki club and was spectacular. Olympic athletes, great musicians, footballers as well as celebrities like Chico and Nicolas Hamilton, brother of Lewis Hamilton attended the event. TV presenter Rob Lamarr took over auction and offered to the guests to buy various auction items. Miss Motors choose their next beauty queens. Guests also enjoyed performances of talented singers Lewis Clay, Rajiv, Jethro Alonestar Sheeran and others.

Check video and photos what’s happened at the event:


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