First Part


This week was great to me because I attended long waited gig of Ben Montague at O2 Islington, London.

First part of the gig with a special exception was dedicated for the songs from Ben’s upcoming album – Another Hard Fall, upcoming single Love Like Stars, Pull The Trigger Now and others. My mentioned exception was probably most famous song of Ben Montague – one of his first singles “Haunted”. It was only one song when Ben played keyboards (you can watch video below). Later he performed duet with one of his supporting acts – Kristyna Myles.

Second part of the gig was more intimate. Ben was performing few songs (Broken, Rainy Day, Jennifer etc.) from his first album “Overcome” solo. Seems audience was waiting for it. They were loudly singing together. Later Ben asked Ben Martinez and Holley Gray to join him for few songs. Full band finished gig together.

This gig was incredible as all gigs of Ben Montague I’ve got chance to attend before. I love how Ben communicates with his audience. Looking forward to attend his upcoming gigs.

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