First Part

Beyonce Is Back

After nine months since Beyonce’s last performance she returns to the stage, her second home. The new mum of Blue Ivy, gave her first performance since the birth at New Jersey on Friday. The sold-out concert wowed the audience as good looking Beyonce shook her post-baby curves in a showgirl-style, wearing fringed bralet and tiny shorts. Beyonce addressed her 5,500 fans at the Ovation home and said: ‘I gotta say, it feels so good to be back home on stage.’

Below I’d like you to show couple clips where the Super mum Beonce showed how she gets ready for a 4 night concert at the Revel just after 4 months of giving birth to Blue Evy. In two short clips, you see Beyonce getting down to business, choreographing and directing the layout of the show. Beyonce also reveals that she is nerves to be back on stage, she says ‘ I am scared, this is crazy! We usually have 2 months to do what we are doing in 2 weeks.’


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