First Part

DIRTYloves Launch Party

It‟s a DIRTY world we live in; fuelled by passion, flair, innovation and the desire to look hot. Combining fashion addiction with an on-trend and unabashed approach to all things sexy, new online lifestyle brand “DIRTYloves” has launched an e-commerce shop like no other.

On Thursday evening there was only place to go, only event to attend – DIRTYloves Launch Party at McQueen. Invitation promised different brand and different experience as well as choice of the venue. McQueen is well-known not just as a music and fashion hot spot with posh but funky interior in Shoreditch but also the winner of  London Best Bars 2010. It was well-chosen place for this event.

It gone more further than my expectation. To be honest it was one of the best launch parties I attended so far. I was impressed with huge tablet next to the entrance where guests were able to check DIRTYloves website. Fashion, sweets, very delicious strawberry cupcakes and of course  Russian vodka cocktails with three options to choose:  Scarlett Martini, Russian Standard Vodka Topic and Apple Martini.

I’ve got chance to check clothes DIRTYloves sells at the party and I like it. This label brings a sexy edge to fashion, promoting quality at affordable prices. The clothes style will impress everyone from Gossip Girl fans to those who follows Lady Gaga’s or Jessie J’s style. They also have an exceptional collection of T-Shirts for men and women with funky and sometimes very naughty pictures.

I’m looking forward to see what they will bring next. I’m sure we will hear about DIRTYloves more soon. Check hottest brand in town online:


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