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V&A Connect:Fashion Blogging


Chanel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Friday I attended very interesting discussion organized by V&A about fashion blogging and how it’s affect fashion industry. Speakers included Paula Goldstein (Digital Creative Director Purple Magazine), Melanie Crete (Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager Dazed Group), Michelle Sadlier (Digital Marketing Karla Otto), Sarah Graham (Digital Marketing Manager Hearst Group), Geoff Watts (Co-Founder Editd) and chaired by Hywel Davies (Freelance fashion writer and journalist; Pathway Leader Fashion Promotion & Communication course Central Saint Martins) was sharing their experience about fashion in digital world and it’s impact to the fashion trends.

I give you some thoughts from the event:

“fashion week is going to be entirely online in a few years” Geoff Watts, co-founder Editd

“the power is still in the hands of magazine editors but they have to change the way they work to survive” S.Graham, Hearst

“anyone can be an opinion former in the niche of a community” Hywel Davies, Central St. Martins

“anyone can have a voice, you just have to figure out the best way to get heard” Chris Morton, co-founder Lyst

“brands don’t know what to do with circus: Chanel showing in Tokyo, Gucci in Shanghai, the emerging economies are changing the system”

“the fashion shows will still exist for the top of the fashon pyramid” – P.Goldstein, Digital Creative Director at Purple mag

“the general consumer doesn’t realize what’s behind the carefully constructed contents” M.Sadler,Digital Mrktg at K.Otto

“the way people believed and trusted fashion bloggers has changed” Paula Goldstein,Digital Creative Director Purple magazine

“the level of personalization is the key of the new shopping experience” Chris Morton, co-founder of

“Our recommendations are authentic,it’s not like some websites that sell shoes that Kim Kardashian apparently designed” C.Morton, Lyst

“shoppable films are the next big thing” – Paula Goldstein, Digital Creative Director at Purple magazine

Burberry has to balance their online presence and design” – Michelle Sadler – Digital Mrktg at Karla Otto

“now it’s just overwhelming, it’s important to be creative and have a bigger voice” M.Sadler – Digital Mrktg K.Otto

“what’s working now is video” Sarah Graham – Digital Mrktg Manager at Hearst Group

“an editor needs to be also a marketeer” Sarah Graham – Digital Mrktg Manager at Hearst Group

Do you agree with those opinions or not? I’m looking forward hearing your opinion…


One thought on “V&A Connect:Fashion Blogging

  1. If you have been to a fashion show, the thought of them all being online makes you sad.
    There is something very exciting about sitting in the audience and watching a designer present their complete vision.
    I do think China is already dramatically changing the face of fashion.
    Thanks for your thought provoking comments!

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