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I’d like to present you very special jewellery collection. Luxuria was started by Vanessa Vinos (a former trained Criminal Psychologist) originally from the UK who moved to Spain in 2001. Since being in Spain one thing that always caught her attention was that Spanish women knew how to accessorize, whether it be to go to the supermarket, to a wedding or to the beach (yes, they really do accessorise to go to the beach!); jewellery was an important part of getting dressed, in the same way wearing a wedding ring or a watch was to women in the UK. Despite a worldwide recession she noticed that women in Spain still bought beautiful fashion jewellery. They were spending less on their clothes, but still buying wonderful pieces to change the look of what they were wearing. At a time when the economic crisis was taking a grip, it now seemed really vulgar and inappropriate to be dripping in diamonds and “in your face” jewellery. Vanessa decided she wanted to bring chic, European glamour to her friends and clients. More and more of her British friends and business clients were asking her about some of the pieces she had acquired since living in Spain, which is how the idea of showcasing Riveria-inspired, Mediterranean designers came about. And so LUXURIA was born; the site bringing “Decadence for Diva’s”.

This winter, Luxuria Jewellery makes it possible for us to feel the distant summer sun and discover what Mediterranean women have known for centuries, that when it comes to putting together a statement outfit, the quintessential key is using the right accessories to enhance their natural beauty and style. Luxuria Jewellery is not just a collective of jewellery designers, its a one-stop online shopping experience for women and men who love contemporary, carefully handpicked and beautifully crafted, Riviera inspired jewellery. Enhancing every outfit, for every occasion, of our everyday lives.
The specially chosen selection includes Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Pendants, and Men’s Cufflinks by gifted Mediterranean designers such as Taylor Kenney, Zelda Wong, Victoria Tillotson, Mieke, GUALY and Carlos Madirolas.
Each designer at the heart of Luxuria draws their inspiration from many sources throughout the Cote D’AzurIbiza, Amalfi Coast and Capri. Creating beautiful pieces which are pleasing to the eye and are effortlessly chic. Think, gemstones of sumptuous colours and texture, high quality gold and silver, the sparkle of Swarovski crystals and the elegance of freshwater pearls.
Collections within the Luxuria Jewellery Boutique are not mass-produced, allowing you the pleasure of owning your own pieces, standing out from the crowd in a very inexpensive fashion.

Info from Karena Sedwick


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