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Archeo – Mr General – Danae’o remix

Archeo will release his debut single ‘Mr General’ on 28th November through his own label Music Mantra.

 FREE DOWNLOAD: Donae’o remix – ARCHEO Mr General.


21-year-old London based singer, songwriter, producer and fully-formed pop star Archeo (pronounced Ar-Kay-O) loves pop. “I make pop music. Pop, to me, is a constantly changing landscape, and I’m proud to be part of that tradition.” He is not part of a particular scene and is not trying to establish a new one – yet he is jaw-droppingly exciting and new. He is quite simply a 24 carat, 21st Century pop superstar in waiting.
Archeo is currently in the studio working on his debut album which will be released next year with a handful of producers like Fabien Waltmann (Will Young, Mika, No Doubt), White Nerd (Loick Essien) and Ant Whiting (MIA, Paloma Faith), but with Archeo at the helm throughout. Expect a musical ride of futuristic pop that is fun and commercial yet tasteful, credible and slick.  Archeo is ‘that’ exciting new male solo artist we’ve been waiting for. Watch out 2012.

Stream & embed Danae’o remix of Mr General here:
Check the full video for Mr General –


Info from Alice French, Purple PR 


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