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Tiger Lilly Releases New Single “Letting Go”

Tiger Lilly is releasing new single “Letting Go” on 30th of August. To be honest I did not get chance to hear the song yet but as I know her songs very well and have few in my personal player, I could guess that the new song must be quit romantic but with some notes of rock as well. Or maybe it will be amazing ballad… We’ll see… 🙂
This single is special for singer and her fans because this is the first of the collaboration between amazing Tiger Lilly and the US based company called http://www.roxstonemusic.c​om who have also worked with platinum selling artist Josh Groban and on US Blockbuster movies such as ‘Salt’, ‘Nanny Mcphee’ and ‘Love and other drugs’ starring Jake Gyllenhaaland, Anne Hathaway to name but a few.
The collaboration is hoping to see the new single ‘Letting Go’ follow in the same footsteps as Roxstones previous success and have the British artist achieves her first movie syndication with the single.

Single will be available on iTunes from 30th of August. Don’t miss it!!!


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