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Savage Nomads: The Magic Eye


To celebrate the release of their debut album Coloured Clutter, the The Savage Nomads are releasing the video for the singleThe Magic Eye taken from the album.

“If there’s a better young band in this country than The Savage Nomads I’d love to hear ‘em.” Gavin Martin: Daily Mirror / Guardian

“Savage Nomads to rock the whole world” Mick Jones – The Clash/Big Audio Dynamite

Having received support for the Martin Rushent produced EP What The Angel Said from Gideon Coe, Don Letts (6 Music), Gary Crowley (BBC London), Alex Baker (Kerrang! Radio), Gavin Martin (Daily Mirror) & many others, London band The Savage Nomads are yet again upon us with the release of their debut album Coloured Clutter and the single The Magic Eye. The Magic Eye, whose hypnotic tribal rhythms and deep vocal chants are reminiscent of classic cuts by bands like Television and others, was mixed by Mike Crossley (Foals / Arctic Monkeys) and is a great example of the band’s constantly evolving style and a good introduction to their album Coloured Clutter released 6th June 2011. With this debut album release The Savage Nomads have pulled off a killer blow that would have other aspiring bands in this day and age green with envy. Check it out for yourself

Information from Amy Walshe


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