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Nitewreckage – Take Your Money And Run

“A gigantic Glitter meets BowWowWow electronic stomp” The Guardian

A cutting-edge collaboration between electro pioneer Dave Ball and feisty force of nature Celine HispicheNitewreckage is what punk rock might have sounded like, had it been invented in the London’s Victorian East End.

Their brilliant and fearless debut LP Take Your Money And Run has received an additional sprinkle of magic dust on the production side from none other than the legendary Human League, Stranglers and Buzzcocks producer Martin Rushent.

Featuring the band’s debut single Popabawa and new single Solarcoaster, the album is now gaining love and attention from alternative club/indie DJs throughout the land. Other key tracks include the electro-grunge offering OreoYou Want Some More with its classic analogue synth lines, and the lyrically entertaining Kerbcrawler, which are all gaining favour with the audience.

Celine Hispiche, who’s earlier activities range from Capital Radio presenter to opening up for Harry Hill, La Roux and the Human League, delivers sharp-witted satirical sketches in an Ian Dury-esque vocal style over the filthy electro beats of former Soft Cell / The Grid maestro Dave Ball. Other additions to the Nitewreckage team include Dave’s production partner Rick Mulhall (aka remix teamNiteWreckers) and drummer Terry Neale. The album also features guest appearances from Harry McVeigh (from White Lies) who plays guitar on Dirty Fingernails and John Fiddler from Medicine Head singing backing vocals on Evolution Revolution.

NiteWreckage have recently played several European festivals and toured in the UK with the Human League.  More dates to be announced soon. 

Information from Amy Walshe


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