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Kelis At Jalouse

Acapella (song)

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Last Wednesday saw Jalouse host one of the summer’s most unforgettable nights, filling its dance floors and tables with London’s finest. The exceptional events-team, Starr Parties, brought the city’s most beautiful people to luxurious private members club, making sure that the venue was packed out with hot and sexy models, financial whizz-kids, and entrepreneurs. Amidst London’s elite were the legend that is Tinie Temper and the noted fashion designer Matthew Williamson. It was an evening of high-spending, with the money flowing as quickly as the Grey Goose vodka.

Jalouse made sure that its entertainment was of the highest standard, providing its guests with an exclusive performance from the world-famous R&B singer Kelis. She performed many of her hit singles, including the latest chart-topper “Bounce”. The crowd swarmed around her as she strutted along the platform, singing favourites such as “Acapella” and the new “Fireworks”. It was a short but very sweet performance, and for the first time in their lives Kelis’ fans managed to get up close to their idol.


Many of the clubbers commented that the music played in Jalouse was the best that they had heard in ages, and certainly everyone was getting their grind on, no matter where they were in the club: people were dancing on tables, on the walls, on the bar, not just on the dancefloor! Special guest DJ Jodie Harsh played an incredible set, pumping up the beat with both her discs and her drag queen entourage. When Jodie Harsh gets playing, you are never short of entertainment.

Even when the lights went up, people were still getting down. This is a testimony to the awesomeness of a night out at Jalouse hosted by the exceptional hosts from . For more Celebrity & entertaining night outs check out the Starr Parties website.




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