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Live Music In Aid Of Charity…

I would like to present you two great music acts that were performing yesterday at “Live in Aid of Silver Lining” at Jalouse charity event organised by The Button Club ( Kaja Wunder). Both of those acts are quite unique in their own ways and I believe that will bring them success.

Nathan Mercado is talented singer who (hard to believe as he is so young) is playing gigs for the last 10 years or so, in a wide variety of venues ranging from local London gigs to entertaining Our Boys and the Coalition Forces over in Kosovo, fashion shows for the likes of Diesel and Ben Sherman and just about everything in between. He impressed me with professional sound of keys and guitar accompanied with strong clear voice of vocalist and easy listening, entertaining melodies.

Second act Entourage has chosen interesting decision to impress their listeners. Combining live Sax, Acoustic and Electric Percussion, Electric Violin, Electric Guitar, Beatbox, Vocals, Rap and a world class DJ, Entourage bring their lively performance onto the dance floor, roaming the space and involving the people in the performance which gives a lot of fun.

As artist manager I always thinking what make artist or band successful. There are so many talented musicians and singer with perfect voices but not everyone is successful in this competitive industry. The reason? A lot of people can sing or learn how to play instrument. But not everyone can bring something special into their performance and to create unique image which goes well with their music.NathanMercadoand Entourage clearly discovered their way to success and I’m sure we will hear a lot from them soon.

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