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Bloomfield Avenue and Jon Lee

Sometimes to have good time you need music you know and can sing along, delicious cocktails and joyful friends around… I had that such an amazing experience on Sunday evening.

I’m talking about Bloomfield Avenue, the band which is consisting of some of the West End’s most talented performers and entertainers. At their monthly gigs at great Covent Garden bar Roadhouse they are covering a large variety of genres and eras of music including Motown, 70’s DiscoFunk, modern Brit Rock, Pop and more, their repertoire consists of thousands of songs spanning decades; something to suit absolutely everyone!

Most I’ve been impressed about band’s and especially one of the vocalists great energy which is inspiring guests to sing and to dance and in the end to have fun together. I can confirm that band is energetic and exciting and it is not just advertisement for the band I have read on their website. It is completely truth!!!

Famous guests join Bloomfield avenue on Sundays at Roadhouse. Last time the guest was Jon Lee who was original member of S Club 7. I remember I used to listen the songs of the band and I had a chance to hear one of the member singing live and to make sure that he is not just sexy guy but has good voice too. Looks like I’m going to Jersey Boys soon:)!!!! Who wants to join me…?

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More info about the performers and their upcoming gigs:

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