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Thomas Spencer-Wortley

Described by the Sunday Express as ‘…the solo version of Il Divo…’, English tenor Thomas Spencer-Wortley has wowed audiences with his powerful and charismatic performances.

Thomas has performed with the greats including Katherine Jenkins and Beverley Knight, whilst artists such as All Angels and Camilla Kerslakeare amongst his guests who have performed in his stunning concerts. Performances have been made in such diverse arenas as concert halls to London Fashion Week to singing the national anthem live on BBC’s ‘Match Of The Day’. In addition to his concert performances he is also Derby County Football Club‘s official tenor and regularly sings at home games in front of crowds of 33,000.

Following the release of his debut album ‘Credere’ in August 2009 Thomas’ career has gone from strength to strength which has seen his fan base,both in the UK and internationally, increase steadily.

As Thomas has continued on his journey he has made some important links with like minded people who share his drive and determination. In July 2009, Thomas was proud to announce an official association with Steinway & Sons, to ensure that Thomas’ performances are never seen without one of their iconic pianos by his side. This has allowed him to join the prestigious ranks of the very few singers who are afforded this honour.

Thomas was born and raised in Derbyshire and then moved to study voice at Trinity College of Music, London, going on to gain a post graduate diploma and LRAM at the Royal Academy of Music. After working in music theatre it was evident that Thomas’ classical sound was individual, a real blend of the operatic world and the ‘West End’. This left Thomas with a decision to make, although now it would appear an obvious step, he chose to combine the best of both and become a solo classical cross-over artist.

Thomas’ Story

Thomas has always referred to his life as a journey. You start out with your dreams and ambitions but like every journey, there is always an element of the unknown. ‘I am extremely focused, and yet at the same time you have to be open to what the future may bring.’

Thomas has always been someone who attracts extremes, his life is both ordinary and full of adventure. Thomas himself says he could easily write a book on the many events that seem to occur on a regular basis. Indeed, every page in the book would be filled with stories of exciting achievements to the bizarre and comical incidents that befall him. His friends and family are certainly testament to the fact, it really does only happen to Thomas!

The Early Years

Thomas’ interest in singing began at the age of four, when he attended Sunday School at his local Church. It continued to evolve throughout his prep school years, where he developed a beautiful and unique chorister voice.

Joining a local amateur dramatic society saw him broaden his experience performing lead roles such as the title role of ‘Oliver’ and Louis Leonowens in ‘The King and I’ and more classical roles such as Oberon in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

Both Thomas and his brother, Oliver, successfully auditioned for the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain and at the age of 14 Thomas was welcomed as the youngest member of the English Concert Singers and subsequently toured Australia and China. He remained an active member for many years, eventually being joined by Oliver and together they performed in prestigious concert halls across the UK, including the Royal Albert Hall, Barbican Centre & Symphony Hall, Birmingham.

Thomas later embarked on a professional training as an instrumentalist, majoring in piano and violin, but through his study his passion for connecting with people always manifested itself strongest through his voice.

‘The feeling I get when I sing is just wonderful. We really are blessed when we can participate in things that give us real fulfilment’.

Higher Education

Thomas was accepted to study classical voice at Trinity College of Music for 5 years, gaining a Bmus Hons degree qualification under the vocal direction of Peter Knapp. It was here he began to hone his performance as a soloist in a broad range of works such as Handel’s ‘Messiah’ and new contemporary musicals. His study next led him to The Royal Academy of Music where he completed a post graduate diploma under the excellent guidance of Mary Hammond as well as an LRAM certificate.

His first professional break came when he was offered the part of Schlomo in the UK Tour of Fame the Musical, this saw Thomas travel extensively in 2007. ‘It was such a great experience to be a part of the Fame musical, travelling is exciting but tiring. You learn about the discipline and resilience needed for the musical theatre profession and develop a healthy respect for it’.

The Future

Auditioning as a young professional, Thomas felt at home in both the West End and operatic worlds. It wasn’t long before Thomas decided that he would like to develop his own sound. ‘This is my voice, this is how I sing. I am simply not a person who is content at sitting back waiting for something to happen, if you want something, you have to go out and get it yourself.’

And so the idea was born to record an album, ‘It has been the most enlightening experience. Making music is just amazing, watching it grow and come together. What I have learnt both as an individual and as part of a team is invaluable. It’s been hard, very hard, with all the control comes the responsibility of getting everything right. Producing an album on your own inevitably pushes the boundaries and presents what seems to be endless challenges, as it takes you way beyond the music, but at the end of the day I’ve enjoyed every minute of it’

Thomas has done everything himself, he has set up a record label, Cove Records, and production company, TSW Productions. ‘ I’ve dreamt about being signed to a record label, only I never envisaged it would be my own!

The possibilities are endless, he is unique in the fact that he not only sings but manages every aspect of the performance process. His creative talent manifests itself in producing, recording and marketing. He is as passionate about his musicians as he is about his own performance and places great importance on devising the programme for live performances in addition to finding the right blend of artistes to undertake it. The future looks to be a mixture of the unknown with the certainty that Thomas will achieve what he sets out to do and with the growing support he is receiving, we can all look forward to the excitement that the future may bring.

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