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The Lady Is A Vamp but Does It Like A Dude (Anthems For Girl Power)

Spice Girls was the first and one of the most popular girl bands who declared girl power. I accidentally discovered their song on the Internet about that. It called “The Lady Is A Vamp”. If you will listen very carefully you will hear the names of well-known women in the world like Jackie O (Jackie Onassis), Twiggy, Norma Jean (Marilyn Monroe) at her famous movies like “7-Year Itch” and “Some Like It Hot“, Supreme and well-known women characters in films like Bond girl and Charlie’s Angels who clearly did their statements of girl power for the world. All those women were not just powerful but also great examples of elegance.

The Lady is A Vamp was released 1997 in Spice Girls album Spiceworld.

After more than 10 years in 2010 another girl created new hymn for the girl power and go more aggressive. Jessie J tell to the women and whole world “Do It Like A Dude” . My opinion those two songs are clear anthems for the girl power and shows circumstances of changes in women life in 10 year.

“Do It Like A Dude” is début single of “The next Rihanna” (according to Seven magazine of The Sunday Telegraph) Jessie J from her upcoming EP.

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