First Part

Hello After One Year

Hello my beautiful people….. I just realized that there is already one year when I am writing my blog.
So much happened… I have met amazing people , I’ve heard plenty of talented performers. Fashion came to my life… I’ve created my personal brand and my website is on its way (thanks to my little brother).

I’m just wondering… Do you know what I like? You’ve read all those posts. Did you find out what kind of music I like and what I would like to recommend you, my beloved readers? Well… This post is about what do I really like.

Let’s start!

New Year is nearly here and one’s to watch for 2011 will be definitely Jessie J. I attended her gig and was absolutely impressed. Check out her newest video.

She supported Beyoncé and Chris Brown, sang with John Leggend and shared stage with David Milligan at one of the Oxjam Festival’s gigs at Charlotte Str. Blues. She is one to watch and you know what I’m talking about. Zarif and her incredible song Box of Secret for your attention:

He headlined The Isle of Wight Festival‘s acoustic stage, the Riverside Stage at Cornbury, and recently jetted out to Milan for F1 Rocks to support The Stereophonics. I could call Ben Montague very special singer in my life because one of his gigs was first gig in my life in London I attended and I have met there few very special people from music industry and also I was introduced to Ben Montague personally. Ben, I’m calling you the one to watch in 2011 in my list and waiting for new exciting even more special songs than Haunted and Weight of Love.

Dear Rock Lovers, my very special recommendation for you – Tin Soldiers:

I really don’t listen a lot of house music but this song is in my personal player:

With love from Scandinavia and my new discoveries:

Rosanna from Sweden

The Blue Van and ‘There Goes My Love’ from Denmark

If you already did Christmas shopping and bought iPad, you will recognise this one

Some of you know that I’m from Lithuania. Looks like our neighbours Latvians have music star in London Viktoria Modesta

Lithuanian one to watch in London music scene I call Joana and the Wolf.

My list is finished. Ten great artists and bands are definitely ready to show you something special next year. If you know some more interesting performers, please, let me know.

Sincerely Yours


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