First Part

Savage Nomads

It’s been a long time coming, but finally the debut release from London’s The Savage Nomads is upon us. This four piece, that prompted Mirror Music expert Gavin Martin to exclaim ‘if there is a better young band in the country than The Savage Nomads I’d love to hear them’, have been building up a name for themselves in the capital whilst honing their electric yet eclectic sound – “Think Rage Against The Machine meets Love, with Television-like levels of
musicality” (The Mirror).

They’ve already had ringing endorsements from the likes of Mick Jones and Don Letts, the latter featuring them in his recent documentary Strummerville. Their debut EP is produced by Pat Collier, whose belief in capturing as much as possible of a group’s energy live in the studio, complemented the Savage Nomads’ ideals perfectly. The four individual members are each outstanding, yet it is as a unit that they excel: Cole Salewicz’s aggressive yet cultured vocal is pitched alongside Joe Gillick’s unique guitar style, with a pounding rhythm section providedby Josh Miles (bass) and Billy Boone (drums).
What The Angel Said opens the EP – It’s a three and a half minute slice of hip pop music with a riff that’ll rip your heart out. Next up is Read Up, a song so strong that it has been in the band’s set from day one, surviving all the culls of early material, follows this.
Following on is The Shamanic Verses with its almost rapped verse breaking into a mellow chorus before the guitar plays out like a Stranglers keyboard line. The spoken word Part Two then paves the way for the EP’s finale; An Empty Seat – arguably the band’s most accomplished song to date and one that recalls the post-punk era of old whilst sounding incredibly fresh at the same time. . . go figure.
‘We listen to absolutely everything’ says Cole Salewicz. For all the group members it’s a great quest to find the next track that leads onto something new for them. ‘Music is very liberating. We never wanted to play anything that sounded the same as other people. We wanted to incorporate all different ideas into the sound, even though there is an underlying punk rock influence. The lyrics can come from hip-hop and the live drumming as much from electronica beats.’
The Savage Nomads will be playing live to support the EP – we’ll keep you posted on dates – and they will continue their 18-month long monthly residency at the 12 Bar Club on Denmark Street, London throughout. Catch them while you can still get in the room.
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