First Part

A Girl Called Alice

‘A Girl Called Alice’ consists of four beautiful, talented and uncompromising young ladies, who keep growing from strength to strength. Kerry-Lucy, Lisa, Emma and Erina have not long been together, but their professionalism shines through making it seem that ‘A Girl Called Alice’ have been around forever.

Unlike other vocal groups, who have been manufactured, ‘A Girl Called Alice’ have been put together and grafted by none other than the girls themselves. Be it styling, choreography and even vocal arrangement – the girls have an input into everything that is ‘A Girl Called Alice’.

The songwriting is also not to be dismissed – Kerry-Lucy has co-written the majority of the tracks that ‘A Girl Called Alice’ records, making their sound fresh, personal and laced with that all important tonal trademark that lets you know who you are listening to from the get go.

It’s fair to say, these girls are not puppets on strings – simply put, they are hard working, consummate, entertaining professionals with that special ability to reach out to a wide array of audiences.

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