First Part

Misty Miller

Myspace recomended her as an artists to watch. Misty Miller tells about herself on her MySpace page.

My name is Misty Miller. I’m 16 years old, born on a lunar eclipse. I’m from South West London, and I have been singing all my life. When I was 8, I started writing songs with my brother, and about 2 years ago, I was given a ukulele as a gift. At first I wasn’t that interested, until one day when I was bored, I picked it up and started strumming. It was so addictive and I taught myself how to play within a few weeks. I’ve been writing music on it ever since. ☺

I love ALL kinds of music, especially great song writing. My influences come from everywhere, but I’d say that old world classics like Elvis, Billie, and Dusty have inspired me a lot… but so has Nirvana, Bob Dylan, Pop, Rockabilly and loads of other artists. It’s impossible to list them all!

I have just finished recording my first album and can’t wait to share my music with people. I hope they like it, and come see me perform live. That is what I love most.

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