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Music AutOmatiK

New signing to Ominim Records is young Parisian Fabien G. Brillant aka Music AutOmatik who comes with his debut EP
MelotOnine – a totally fresh look at the world of avant-garde Electronica. Music AutOmatik stood out among the MySpace community when Ominim was scouting for new artists and with a host of talents under his belt that include promotion of Minimal Techno parties at Paris nightclub 287 Studio & excursions into the realm of audio-visuals, they
considered Music AutOmatik an exciting additional the label’s roster of artists. His unique & proud sound draws
inspiration from a wide range of influences from Eric Satie through to Herbie Hancock & advanced turntablists like DJ Shadow.

Throughout this taster EP Brillant draws influence from East Coast US Hip-Hop legends Tribe Called Quest & the infamous RZA. Fuse this together with a classically trained musicality in piano, flute & guitar andthe result is a stirring EP brimming with inspiration.
Opening up with the EP’s most accessible track, High Redemption is an original piece of uplifting Electronica, characterized by intricate use of vocals as percussive hits, & complimented by bold bursts of tudor-esque string action.
Seamlessly continuing the theme of boldness, F!!!!!g Or Not leads this voyage onto an abstract turn and into the
trippy early morning hours. A fitting funk guitar riff demonstrates an ability to take styles and instruments from across genres & make them work within a quirky, cool Future Electronica.
The darkened highlight of the album is Skin, a bold upfront beat with chopped up Hip Hop vocals & bass This is groundbreaking Electronic music with elements of crazy, thoughtfulness & generous helpings of dance floor potential.
Brillant is now working towards his debut LP along with eagerly anticipated live shows, thus continuing his quest to make a mark on the landscape of Electronic music.
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