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After the success of their Autonoe Vora album and Tate Britain performances last year, Ominim’s mainstay act and label owners Yimino, return to the scene with a generous slice of atmospheric synthesis in the form of their new album Breaker.

With a past that includes support from the legendary John Peel, performances at the South Bank and electronica festival Bloc 2010 this London based duo continue to innovate and diversify both in their musical output and label development.

Working alongside Morecheeba vocalist Manda Zamolo (check out Radiohead vs Moorcheeba vs Digitalism mashup on the BritPop ReBooted album) and west-end Phantom of the Opera sensation Gina Beck, Yimino have truly delivered on this new body of work, which sees the band progress with a new brand of dreamy electronica that’s very much in contrast to their previous releases. The album enthralls from the off with the moody vibes of Los Cauz, a slightly menacing yet beautiful sea of emotion, guaranteed to grab your attention.

Other key tracks include the über-cool Blintliptick, a hooky down-tempo roller that forever eases and soothes with Manda Zamolo’s sensual vocal bedded deep within the track.

Then there’s the appearance of Yimino’s trademark cut-up vocals that sit nicely alongside live drums on the track Bumpy Lucas, a feel good piece of electronica, perfect for the alternative music lover looking for both deepness and hedonism in one place.
Moving towards a more augmented Industrial flavour, the track Kastanza plays a light hearted ‘doffing of the cap’ to Lemon Jelly with more live beatage.
Yimino will be performing tracks from the album at some interesting alternative venues in the near future (check the website for more details) as well as putting on their A&R hats to develop new signings to the Ominim label, French artist Music Automatic and dance maestro Alan Starck.

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