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Alan Starck – Farrago

First signing to Ominim Records (outside of mainstay artist and label founders Yimino) is Alan Starck, an eccentric electronic innovator who has produced a gem of an album, apply named Farrago.
Originally advised at school that his calling in life was to be a wig-maker, Alan instead chose to study medicine but
still found time to get out of the theatre and into the studio where he could create his own brand of music.

Initially alerted to the guys at Ominim by agood old-fashioned demo tape, Alan’s playful and humorous electronics immediately appealed and a creative relationship was born.

Originally inspired musically by a an eclectic mix of Detroit Techno artists, Prince, Miles Davis, Stravinsky and Rachmaninov, Alan is now happily working as a GP amongst the council estates of Suffolk, whilst his alter ego spends time conjuring up an array of sonic prescriptions fit for any needy soul. The result of which can be heard in full on this debut long-player. The album opens with Fool, a dreamy piece of Electronica reminiscent of Aphex Twin’s experimentations. One cannot help but warmto the quirky yet nostalgic melodies of this opening piece.

Alan goes on to happily demonstrate his versatility on Bubba, with its hooky synth riffs blending seamlessly into a soundscape that somehow calls out to one’s childhood nostalgia.
Other key tracks worth checking are: Cobalt as it trickles through with hooky descending sequences that wind themselves into your ever-soothing mood and the album’s final offering – Hims & Hers Acid which evokes memories of early rave pioneers like A Guy Called Gerald and the like.
Doctor Starck’s musical mind is clearly brimming with ideas that inspire him to produce the keyboard runs, acid squelches, bleeps and stabs sprinkled throughout this debut. Luckily fore us, he’s busy creating more electronic treats from deep within the lab. Watch this quirky space. . . why don’t you!

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