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I would like to present you very interesting brand/character. It came from life experience. The story bellow:

The ‘Stormgirl’ character and Brand name has been creatively inspired and was created by Fior Avona  out of her passion for  fast cars and the world of  superheroes.  The Stormgirl concept and brand was born in 2009, and is based upon Fior’s true life events.  The story behind the Stormgirl comic book and film are based upon both fact as well as the fun fictional  world of superheroes.  Please see below (scroll down) for more details on the Stormgirl’s origins.

Together with artist Keiron Ward, they have created the Stormgirl character visuals which are in preparation of the forthcoming Stormgirl ‘origins’ graphic novel.

Scriptwriter Richard Perry (Perry Pictures Ltd), brings everything to life in his Stormgirl script for the teaser trailer and proposed feature film. Executive Producer Beau Rogers (Imdb).  See News for more info.

The Story begins as follows:-

Stormgirl Origins

Stormgirl is a superheroine with a difference. She is a superheroine girl racer who was born from real life experience as she discovered her inner strength and passion for driving fast cars, after surviving the hurricane of loss and tragedy of losing three things she loved deeply in three short months. Stormgirl was transformed when stepping in to her super fast sports car, the super-powered V6, 3.7ltr, 370z.  She became a kick-ass Superhero, who drives through the streets at night fighting crime and injustice.

Stormgirl survived the carnage and came through the storm, and found within her the power to become all that she is meant to be.  One of her biggest fears was driving…..but that all changed the day she lost everything.

She regained control of her life behind the wheel of her sportscar,  where she becomes transformed in to her alter ego Stormgirl.  With eyes that see in to infinity, Stormgirl see’s what is going to happen in advance and gets to the crime scene lightening fast.  She sees the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Though she knows not of her own destiny, determined to succeed she moves forward in knoweldge that with each step her path will become illumated.

Theta DNA healing holds the key to her transformation, as she is plugged in to the universal life force she becomes ‘a Brand new person’.

Stormgirl is fearless in the face of adversity, independent, fueled by her passion for her 370z, she drifts and drags to fight her way past her adversaries. Stormgirl carries the secret wounds from her past, the tragedy of the three things she loved and lost, – all of which propel her to fight to the end. Her biggest ‘nemesis’ is the man she once loved.

“A heart can be broken, but you can’t break my Soul”

She has been sent by Ancient Japanese Gods to protect the City of London from being taken over by organized crime and from the return of an ancient mystical being.

Stormgirl has two love interests vying for her attention; a rock star and a pro race driver….but who will be first to pip to the post?

Her true allies are here to be discovered.

“When you’ve lost everything, there’s nothing left to lose”. (Stormgirl)

See you zoom!


“Born to Race, Trained to fight Crime and Injustice”

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