First Part

Fran Healy

Fran Healy, lead singer and main songwriter of hugely successful rock band Travis, is excited to announce the release of his debut solo album WRECKORDER. Set for an October 4th release on Healy’s own  ‘wreckordLABEL’ in association with ADA Global, WRECKORDER is quintessential pop from a songwriter at the top of his game. Known for songs such as “All I Wanna Do Is Rock”, “Why Does It Always Rain On Me?”, “Driftwood” and “Sing” to name but a few, Healy once again exemplifies his exceptional song writing prowess in this beguiling collection of songs.

Recorded in Berlin, New York and Vermont, the 10 tracks that make up the record include the commanding melodies of first single “Buttercups”, a duet with US breakthrough songstress Neko Case on the gloriously laid back “Sing Me To Sleep”, the soaring “In The Morning” and the teasing but serious “Moonshine”. Notably the dramatic waltz of “As It Comes” features Sir Paul McCartney on bass – Healy repaid Macca for his efforts by turning vegetarian.

WRECKORDER is the sound of a songwriter who continues to artistically evolve.

Healy is currently touring his new record North American tour with Keane and will be available for UK promo from September.



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