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Feels Like Home – Ben Montague

First song, first chords, velvet voice… And the show starts… First song is as always “Can’t Hold Me Down”. Reason is very simple. It’s most favorite and the best song for Ben Montague to start his gig. I agree with that. “Can’t Hold You Down” is a great song to warm up. Later follow Rainy Day, Crazy (cover of Gnarls Barclay), Haunted, Broken. For the end – one of Ben’s most emotional song’s Weight of Love.
I have met Ben when I was new in music industry and he was one of the first singers in my journey to the music industry. After that time I attended many gigs, I listened many singers and bands. Of course Ben was always one of them. He performed at many gigs and shows to get exposure and it looks like his hard job finally paid off. Ben was invited to open Radio Smooth FM show yesterday at the famous Cafe de Paris. I attended his gig after quit long break. Jonty Finn and Cliff Masterson joined Ben on stage and this great team made amazing job with compositions. It feels like come back home after long time – everything is so familiar but in the same time new…

If you still didn’t have chance to hear how Ben is singing, his best song for your attention – Haunted.

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